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LIMB™ Imaging benefits at glance:

  LIMB™ Imaging was designed to make digitization easier, and more efficient. i2s DigiBook and Kirtas Technologies have joined their accumulated experience of more than 30 years of digitization projects and digitization factory. LIMB™ imaging offers several unique benefits for content owners or service bureaus such as:  


LIMB™ Imaging was developed with productivity and efficiency in mind. Customizable production templates, metadata access is provided in each step of the process. To make LIMB™ Imaging even more efficient, automatic image and document processing, and quality control tagging have been added and are accessed through LIMB™’s dashboard.  


LIMB™ Imaging has been designed to maximize the operator’s productivity and experience. The user interface has been developed to provide ease-of-use to both the production manager, and the operator providing the most efficient production digitization software on the market today.  


LIMB™ Imaging takes raw images, and improves them… complete with metadata, tags and quality control. LIMB™ Imaging then converts those images into multiple formats allowing you to create images for long-term archiving, lower resolution images for online libraries (such as YooLib™), mobile devices and print on demand (POD) simultaneously. LIMB™ Imaging allows you

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